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Prize Wheels are Customizable Gaming Accessories That Add Excitement to any Meeting!

Have you ever thought of investing in a prize wheel for your business? Attractions like these offer an alluring way to draw crowds of customers to a booth or a fun activity to boost morale in the workplace. We offer these custom spinning games, raffle drums and prize drop boards as promotional tools for the office, fundraising events, charities and the classroom. Prize wheels, also known as trade show games, that have user created award slots allow for unlimited possibilities and can be effectively used in every type of market. These wheels of fortune and other games of chance all come in several different sizes and reward configurations. Our selection of prize wheels for sale come with either template slots for computer printed reward wedges or they have a wet-erase display for use with wet-erase markers. The prize drop games all come with templates for the awards and can be purchased in either table top size or a free-standing floor unit which stands four (4) feet tall. Our prize wheel selection is accompanied by a wide selection of raffle drums. These spinning promotional chambers are featured with a traditional brass finish or have been constructed with a crystal clear acrylic drum for the maximum viewing experience.

Where are Prize Wheels most effectively used?
  • Promotional spinning displays are often used in the modern corporate office for morale boosting events. Bring units with a custom printed logo to a tradeshow booth or banquet to increase branding opportunities.
  • The prize drop games and raffle drums are often used by school systems or charities for field days, fairs and fundraisers. Our colorful stands will attract attention and be at the center of any event.
  • Prize wheels that are used for tradeshows or job fairs can be effective ways of soliciting passersby into your business' booth area. Draw potential customers in with the possibility of awards and giveaways.
  • All of our custom wheels of fortune also have a place in the home as well as a fun addition to any child's birthday party.

Prize wheels are not a new invention and have been used for hundreds of years as games of chance. However the midway and the traveling circus staples have been transformed into custom spinning promotional tools for the modern professional. Prize wheels and raffle drums are synonymous with excitement and anticipation. Contestants will gather to intently watch the spinning of their hopeful tickets or bingo balls while others clap and cheer in rhythm of the clacking flapper as the wheels of fortune spin around and around. This type of trade show game, or prize wheel, is not just for business use, for it can be used in various educational ways such as an interactive review game, for rewarding students, calling bird bingo, and as a jeopardy styled contest. Prize drop games are most often used for fundraising events by non-profits, charities, and educational facilities but the creative office manager or enterprising teacher could easily find many applications for this game show inspired promotional tool.

Are these promotional materials genre or industry specific?
  • All of our materials have been designed to be customized by the end user.
  • The wheels of fortune are outfitted with reward slots and/or center plates which are customizable. Some of these spinning promotional products have templates for the accolade wedges and others are personalized by the use of wet-erase markers.
  • The prize drop games, both the large free standing unit and the table top version, have custom award slots as well. These are template based just like our spin games.
  • We proudly offer the templates for our trade show games free to our customers and they are available in the following formats:
    1. Microsoft Word®
    2. Adobe Illustrator®
    3. Adobe Acrobat® PDF's
  • The selection of raffled drums which we offer do not have customizable options. Our spinning chambers have been crafted to be both eye catching and uniformed for when this type of game of chance is employed users respond positively to not having decals or other distracting labels taking away from watching the tickets or balls bounce and tumble around.

Our whole goal here at PrizeWheels2Go is to provide the highest quality custom promotional games for our clients. Trade show games such as wheels of fortune, prize drop boards and raffle drums do not have be outrageously expensive custom designed tools which can cost several thousands of dollars. Nor do these spinning and plinking materials have to be flimsy and generic. We are proud to offer affordable, durable and elegantly designed promotional materials which are able to be tailored by you, the end user, to your own specific needs. Perhaps your office staff has excelled recently and you would like to have a fun and interactive way of rewarding them for their hard work and dedication. Then a spinning custom game with your company logo may be the entertaining solution to showing them that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Do you have an up-coming school fundraiser or a charity event? Then perhaps a four (4) foot high prize drop board is right for your needs. Organizers can sell tickets to hopeful contestants for the chance to drop the puck and win custom gifts. Or maybe your church is hosting a bingo night and you need a new raffle drum. Our spinning chambers are perfect for both tickets and balls and we offer both the traditional brass spinner and more contemporary acrylic models in both large and small versions for any situation.

PrizeWheels2Go is one of the leading promotional spinning game providers on the internet. All of our products, including our best sellers, are employee morale boosting additions to any office event. We have the white paper research to back up our claims on these promotional tools. All of our promotional spinning merchandise is targeted to boost morale and companies can tailor their wheels of fortune for our custom slots allow for instant updating. With over thirty (30) years in the visual merchandising market we feel confident that our diverse selection of custom spinning games will enhance any tradeshow booth, school classroom, charity event or general fundraiser. Likewise we are sure that weekly, monthly or annual meetings will be more welcoming received around the office when the wheels of fortune are being spun. We are as dedicated to our customers as we are dedicated to providing the very best materials for having fun at work! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have with our products, services, templates, ordering processes or delivery options. We have a fully staffed customer service department which is highly trained in all of our unique products. They are available Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm EST at either our toll-free number: 1.800.572.2194 or via our "Live Chat" (instant message) feature which can be found in the navigation bar at the top of each page or on the side bar of all of our category and product pages. Do you have a late night or weekend question? Email our support staff at and we will be sure to get back to your inquiry the following business day. Please remember that orders placed on in-stock cheap prize spinners, portable prize displays and tabletop prize units before 2 pm EST are shipped the same day! Happy shopping and remember if you don't spin, you can't win!

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