Floor Standing Prize Wheels

Looking for a great way to host a game at a trade show, party or company get-together? With these floor standing prize wheels, users can attract passersby to a promotional event and give them an incentive to participate. The spin games feature a bright, colorful design that draws crowds even at the largest exhibitions and banquets. This type of floor standing prize wheel is offered in a number of sizes, styles and number of slots to accommodate any user and organization. In addition, these trade show games are made to stand by themselves and don’t require a table or counter for an attention-getting display.

What makes these floor standing prize wheels an excellent choice for school, business and church events? Each of the spinners can be customized with graphic inserts and write-on messaging for featuring any image or messaging. This is a great way to show a company logo and other branding information. Some floor standing prize wheels feature an adjustable design to become a countertop display or to create a compact shape that’s easier to bring to banquets. In addition, others have light-up boards, included printable templates and alterable slots for customizing the number of possible results.

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